Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

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Campbell Hausfield VT6275 – Best Commercial Grade Air Compressor

Prepare yourself for the leading model of air compressors: better in efficiency, better in noise control, better in power, the Campbell Hausfield VT6275 takes center stage one of the world’s most popular and durable products. Imagine the perfect air compressor, and you have pretty much got it right here. The whole product is formed from heavy-duty cast iron, and an oil-lubricated twin cylinder pump. This right here demonstrates its pure power. But, although it looks good, what can it actually do? Well, it has one of the best airflows seen in air compressors, able to distribute power to many tools. Have a long project that you’re working on? No worries, because the Campbell Hausfield VT6275 will endure up to five thousand—yes, five thousand—hours based on a b-10 bearing rating. This is incredible and revolutionary! But what about the noise? No more distractions and no more irritations, because this product also offers one of the quietest operation systems on the market today.

The specs of ‘Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 15 Amp 3.2-Horsepower 60-Gallon Oiled Vertical Compressor’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Campbell Hausfeld
  • Product Dimensions: 74x29x27 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 254 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Good purchase and delivery”

I just received my unit several days ago. It was purchased to replace an aging Sears 2 HP compressor, which had mysteriously turned itself on during the night (even though the switch was Off!) and kept running, overheating and filling my home with oily…Read more

“Best Air Compressor”

Just purchased this unit at Lowes for $[...] which I think is a great price. I replaced a 15 year old wheel barrow type CH with the same horsepower and CFM rating but only a 30 gallon tank. I need this capacity because I use lots of continuous duty tools…Read more

“CH VT6275″

I am very pleased with this unit, it is just what I was looking for, powerful and much quiter than I expected it to be. The only downfall is that you need to wire the unit yourself, although if you are handy with electric it is fairly easy to install. The…Read more

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But more than all of this, the product offers a sixty-gallon tank for higher levels of storage and less time consumption. Mix this with the fact that it is built durably for all work situations, and you may be looking at the perfect air compressor. Even with a one-year warranty, the Campbell Hausfield VT6275 can reach a high price—higher than many of its companion models. But at least the consumer can know that you get what you’re paying for. Castles aren’t worth a few pennies, and any customer will definitely get bang for their buck. Reviewers have looked upon this product in a favorable light, assuring any doubts that others may have. If you’re looking for one of the best air compressors out there, then this model may be just for you.

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